An Invitation for Publication and Peer-Reviewing


The Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies (JCMS) is honoured to invite academics: professors, researchers, and specialists in maqasid studies to submit their research papers for publication. JCMS is focused on the following field of research : Maqasid Research fundamentals and Methodology, Maqasid of the Holy Qurʾān and the Sunnah, Maqasid Approaches to Contemporary Jurisprudence, Maqasid Approach to Dialogue with other Methodologies, Critical Studies of Maqasid Science History, Critical Studies of Contemporary Disciplines, Contemporary Phenomenon Studies as well as Corporate and Public Strategies from a maqasid perspective. Kindly note that JCMS accepts research papers in Arabic and English submitted through the authors’ personal accounts on the OJS platform via the following link:  

Specialists interested in joining JCMS peer-reviewing team are kindly advised to register at the link above and to send their updated CVs to:

Editor-in-chief                                                    Managing Editor
Prof Dr Jasser Auda                                            Dr Zaid Barzinji