Reviewer's Guidelines

Reviewers Duties

  1. Reviewers should deal with the submitted manuscripts confidentially and content should not be disclosed with others or quoted before the review process and publication are completed. 
  2. Reviewers should refrain from any clash of interests regarding authors or funding. 
  3.  Reviewers should remain objective and avoid any personal critique towards the authors. They are advised to clearly express their opinions with convincing arguments regarding the reviewing process. 
  4. In the event that a reviewer is unable to finalize a manuscript review within the stipulated period, a notice must be sent to the editors in order to send the article to another reviewer.  
  5. Reviewers should consider suggesting some aspects to enhance the quality of the papers by filling up the review form and enclose it with the results of the review.

Peer Review Procedure

The Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies operates a double-blind review policy. Articles submitted to the Maqasid Journal will be primarily reviewed by the editors for suitability of publication, then sent to two independent experienced specialists for assessment. After the review process, the Editors arrive at a revision or publication pronouncement. 

The journal's management decisions regarding articles may vary from: accepted, to accepted with minor/major adjustments or rejected. The review procedure usually requires one to three months period after the first submission.