Author Guidelines

The research paper and its pages should be appropriately presented and numbered sequentially. Authors are advised to respect the following conditions:

  • All authors of articles should include their full names and affiliations on the cover page of the manuscript.

  • Articles written in the Arabic language must utilize Traditional Arabic font, size 16, and English articles in Century Book, font size 11. Papers should have  2.5 cm margins and double line spacing all conforming to (A4) size. 

  • Authors must provide an Abstract to their research in Arabic and English, not exceeding 250 words. Keywords should not surpass five words.

  • Articles number of pages should be less than 25 pages and more than 6 pages. 

  • The manuscript must be entered into the journal template (ready to be downloaded)

  • A typical article for this journal should be between 8000 words, inclusive of tables, references, figure captions, footnotes, endnotes.

  • The Author’s article should respect the following methodology:

    1. Title of the article: It should be relatively concise and expressive reflecting the essence and quality of the research. For the title text, the 18 bold font size is to be used.

    2. Names of authors: Names of the article authors should be mentioned in the submitted manuscript. After paper submission, no names can be added, yet the author's names can be revoked the submission process. The article should contain the full name of the authors, their affiliation, and email address in font size 12.

    3. Abstract: It should contain a brief and concise description of the research, its objectives, and methodology. It also should incorporate the findings of the research and its conclusion. The abstract should be written in Arabic and English in separate pages.

    4. Introduction: the author is advised to present and highlight the topic under security, its scope, and objectives as well as the methods utilized in the conducted research

    5. Content: The structure of the research should be in the form of clusters, headings, and subheadings. Authors should follow in-text citation for The Qur’anic verses and Prophetic Hadiths written in English language. For instance:

      • For Qur’anic verses authors should mention (Qur'an, Chapter: Verse)

      • For Hadiths authors should mention (the compiler’s name according to how he or she is normally identified in the hadith circles, title, compilation edition, followed by the volume number and then the hadith number) (al-Bukhari, al-Jami al-Sahih, vol. 4, ed. 1967: 34).

    6. Conclusion and Results: It should focus on mentioning the main findings of the research, a discussion, and then recommendations (if any).

    7. Sources and References: The sources and references must be written in the English language, whether the research is in Arabic or any other language, and it follows the lastest APA style.

      • Ibn Taymiyya. 1992.Al-Hisbah Fi al-Islam Aw Wadifah al-Hukumah al-Islamiyyah. Beirut: Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyyah.

    8. Article Template: The manuscript must be entered into the journal template (ready for downloading)

    9. Review Decision: The article will be accepted for review if it meets the previously mentioned criteria. However, it will not be considered for reviewing if it violates the prior publishing rules.

    10. Submission: The article must be submitted through the OJS designed for the Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies. Articles sent through email will not be considered for review or publication.

    11. Submission Decision: Upon receiving the articles, authors will be notified by the editorial board regarding their submission within three days period. If the article is accepted for reviewing, the authors will be informed accordingly.

    12. Publication Decision: The editorial board will notify the authors about the acceptance or rejection of their articles after the reviewing process is completed.

    13. Retraction from Publication: In the event that the author wants to withdraw his article after its submission, a written request must be sent to the Journal management stating his/her unwillingness to retract from publishing and reviewing. The letter must enclose the title of the article and the name of the authors or corresponding author. In return, the editorial team will inform the author (s) regarding the withdrawal process.