Call for Paper JCMS Vol 2 No 2 (July 2023)


Challenges in Contemporary Maqasid Methodology

The maqasidi thought has encountered a set of qualitative and quantitative challenges and problems, especially at the level of its methodology and epistemology that yielded an enormous impact on the rest of the Islamic disciplines. One of the prevalent problems related to the maqasid lies in the misappropriation and ambiguity of implementation due to researchers' intent of correlating the maqasid with reality in order to implement/activate, and intertwine it with new theories.
Hitherto, the endeavors of “rationalizing” Islam have led to the acceptance of several modern "concepts", "theories", and "values" as 'Islamic' under the banner of maqasid. This has indeed produced several scientific dilemmas manifested in various areas of human knowledge.
Therefore, the Fourth Issue of the Journal of Contemporary Maqasid Studies sheds light on some of the epistemological and methodological problems in the maqasid methodology to improve and develop it. Appropriately, researchers are cordially invited to reflect upon the following themes:

  1. The maqasid methodology in light of taqlid (imitation) and tajdid (renewal);
  2. The maqasid methodology between the legal discourse and reality;
  3. The maqasid methodology and the problem of sources;
  4. The maqasid methodology and western methodologies.